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SnapShot !!!

Snapshot time !!

Well I haven’t done one of these in 2 years, but I’m really excited to share everything I have recently been reading, watching and listening too.

First things first, I have recently made a bookish inspired Instagram and can’t wait for it to be out there in the book world so if you want to check it out you can find it at all.bookd

Okay now onto the actual post……………….

My recent reads – I have a feeling that this series may be one of my all time favourites – unfortunately, they are hard to find and I may have to find a way of getting them from America, where the author Tahereh Mafi lives!

Okay this may be shocking but I have only just started reading the  Shatter Me series and can I say it was well worth the wait, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED this book and simply put, I thought it was amazing . I loved everything in this book from the plot to the main characters, Adam, Warner, Kenji and Juliette, as well as the powers, storytelling and the cover. I mean how beautiful is it?! So all in all I loved everything about this book and can’t wait to read the rest of the series, including the novellas – as soon as I can get my hands on them!

Next up – my recent watches

I have recently and by recently I mean a few weeks ago, because for the past few weeks I have been lost in a rabbit hole decided to finally watch 13 Reasons Why (partly because all my friends had watched it a while ago and also because the 4th season was coming out.).When I first started watching this show I only lasted the first episode not sure why but I think it was because I wasn’t as interested in watching or it was because my mum kept trying to tell me what a cassette tape was even though I knew what they were and how she used to have them when she was younger!! That was the end of last year, but later on I read the book and really enjoyed it. When my friends started to talk about it again because the 4th season was about to come out and 2 of my friends wanted to watch it together so I decided to give it another shot and really liked it! So much so, I ended up binge watching the whole first 3 seasons in 4 days, and then really enjoyed the last season, although I am sad it is over. The final episode had me balling non stop too! I loved the characters and all the different story lines and it focused on some difficult, but important messages.

AND,  I’m not going to lie, when I was lost in the rabbit hole I may or may not have binge watched Dance Moms too !!!!!  This is something that is totally out of character for me, but the drama was extremely entertaining and it was so easy to watch!

Finally what I have recently been listening too…..

Well I have a thing for creating new playlists for my different moods and recently that has been for Disney music with everything from Tangled ( my favourite Disney movie) to Beauty and the Beast, Frozen  and many more.

So that concludes my post – what have you guys been reading, watching  or listening to recently and don’t forget the check out my new Bookish Instagram all.bookd



If you need to get the Shatter Me books, I suggest book depository. It’s really good for that kind of thing! Also, dance moms is a totally binge watching show (I can’t say it’s good but it is entertaining!)

23rd Jun, 20

That's great I'll check that out, im dying to read the rest and I agree it's not great but highly entertaining!!

23rd Jun, 20

In reply to ellsbells

It’s where I always go to get all the books I can get in stores, it’s usually for fairly good prices too. If you can’t find them, I know amazon also has a pretty wide variety of books!

24th Jun, 20

In reply to imosshelf

thanks again, i’ll check it out I ordered the first 2 on amazon so it might be nice to try something new!

24th Jun, 20