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WOW it’s been a while and by a while I mean a year and a half and I have really missed this. I had a lot going on last year and I am finally able to come back to writing this and im so excited. This post is about every book I have recently read and what I think of them. Do not worry there will be NO SPOILERS


BOOK 1 ………..

The Betrothed by keira Cass

Holy Moly I absolutely LOVED this book and what a pretty cover. Back in the day I never thought I would want to read a romance/fantasy book, but after reading The Selection which I also loved I knew I had to get my hands on a copy, So on the day it was released I went and bought it and it was not a let down.  This book was captivating to say the least it had me in constant need to know what was going to happen and that ending………….

overall I loved this book and would rate it a 4.5/5


BOOK 2……..

The Divergent series by Veronica Roth again

After the recent resurfacing of my love for all the characters especially Four and Uriah I decided it was the perfect time to reread one of the series that got me into reading, and I think I forgot how much I loved these books. What I liked about the books and the movies, where the strong characters and role models and also the plot.  I also like how the Veronica Roth manages to tie in real life scenarios that people can relate to.

overall rating 4/5



chain of gold by Cassandra Clare 

Where do I begin, I really liked this book, and honestly liked every book Cassandra Clare has done. I love how she develops her characters and love how everything is related and events are connected. This story is the first book in the Last Hours series and focuses on the Carstairs ( Cordelia and her family ) and  the Herondale’s  ( James, lucie and even Tessa and Will)

I really liked this book and would rate it 4/5

Thanks for reading, I would love any recommendations for books to read or things to watch and even ideas for what I could post on here



Cassandra Clare is a really good author !

13th May, 20

yeah I love all her books !

13th May, 20

Welcome back!

13th May, 20

Thanks can't wait to write more !

13th May, 20

I just got Chain of Gold and I'm honestly so excited!!

13th May, 20

I know the feeling I was so excited when I got mine !!

13th May, 20