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WOW doesn’t everyone love a good book quote. I’m not going to lie I have them all over my book shelves, but I think its cool to see if people have the same as me.

First off From The Medoran Chronicles Lynette Noni and my oh my there were heaps from this series but I narrowed it down a little……………. okay maybe I did not narrow them down

from the Divergent and carve the mark seriesĀ  Veronica Roth

from the selection series by Kiera CassĀ  here’s another one where I went a bit crazy

from the mortal instruments by Cassandra Clare

And finally finally some quotes more from a bunch of different books !!!!!!!!!

so these are some of my favourite book quotes, what are yours?????????



I love Throne of Glass and any book of Cassandra Clare !

11th Jun, 20


11th Jun, 20

Some really good quotes!.

12th Jun, 20

thanks i love finding good quotes

12th Jun, 20

This made me cry.
So I was reading the ones by Lynette Noni and I just Love Niyx sososososos much. And then I was starting to cry but the Divergent ones and I was remembering Tris and all those characters and the Keira Cass ones and I was remembering how upset I was when we don't get to see what becomes of Eadlyn and Erik's relationship.( If there is and I don't know about this piece of writing please inform me immediately.) Anyway, then I was remembering how much I loved the City of bones series and how I didn't want that series to ever end.
So yeah I was crying. That's a good thing by the way. :)

17th Jun, 20

hahaha i love Niyx so much too every time i read the quotes i cry as well

21st Jun, 20

These are awesome quotes! I love to find quotes and hang them up on my wall. I might have to print some of these out!

22nd Aug, 20

sameee I have them all over my wall

27th Aug, 20
inky State Library Victoria

Thank you for this post Ells...it has inspired me to read some new authors and find some quotes from my own favourite books (mine are Gothic romances)...three that I would recommend reading/watching (if you haven't already...all in Movie format) are 'Picnic at Hanging Rock' (Joan Lindsay), Possession (A.S. Byatt) and the classis 'Jane Eyre' (Charlotte Bronte).

27th Aug, 20

Thanks for the recs, I will certainly give these ago!

27th Aug, 20

OMG! THIS IS SO COOL! Great quotes you found! I especially like Cassandra Clare's quotes!

27th Aug, 20