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5 Books I Wish Were Movies Or TV Shows

Here are 5 books I wish were movies or TV shows, and trust me there were way more than 5 before – I had to narrow them down by like 20 !!! ( my Mum’s more cut throat than I thought !!) Some books I really wanted to put on my list like Red Queen, The Lunar Chronicles, The Immortal Rules, These Broken Stars, any other Cassandra Clare book, the Whisper Series and many more. Then there are others like The Selection that are already in the making and which I can’t wait to see, But here are the 5 that I narrowed it down to.

To kick of the list is…………………..

The Throne Of Glass Series by Sarah J. Maas

This book features such a strong lead character who I felt I was watching grow as the series progressed. It has great action scenes and strong and complex friendships and relationships. It also has that bit romance that many of us secretly enjoy. In the end I would love to see how this well loved fantasy world would be portrayed on screen.

Next on my list is………  The Medoran chronicles by Lynette Noni

This is absolutely one of my favourite series, I love these books so much. I love how Lynette Noni develops her characters and their feeling so deeply that you really feel like you know them ( well at least I do !!) I love the magical worlds created and hope to someday see them on a screen, but what really made me love these books is how strong minded Alex is and I’m not going to lie Kaiden and Niyx also helped !!

Next book is…  The Legend Series By Marie Lu

These books were one of the series that got me into reading and I can not wait to read Rebel, I loved the setting, plot and characters. I really loved the relationship between Day and June. This would make such an exciting, suspenseful and sometimes romantic TV show.

The next series Is The Summer I Turned Pretty By Jenny Han

This series was written by the same author as To All The Boys Iv’e Loved Before and in all honesty I preferred this series. I read this trilogy for the first time about a year ago and it’s still one of my favorite romantic books. The plot is great and I loved the love triangle ( which I seem to really enjoy in books ) . Plus, the last book leaves you with all the Feels. I would love to see a TV adaptation of this series.

Finally the last book is The Illuminae Files By Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

These books were really different than anything I had read, but when I finally read them I really enjoyed them. I enjoyed that it was really different mainly in they way it was written and laid out. I think it would be really interesting to see how Ezra and Kadys’ relationship would be shown onscreen and how they would develop such an amazing world.

So if you could have any book you wanted turned into a movie or TV show what would it be ?



i cant wait for the selection to come out. i really hope they do it well. i love that series. throne of glass is at the top of my list too. i'd like to see the cruel prince as a movie but im nervous to see what they'd do to it. its one of my favorites so if it gets an adaption id hope theyd do it justice.

19th May, 20

I love the selection too so I hope they do it justice. I loved the cruel prince books and think it would be really cool to see what they would do if it was a movie.

19th May, 20

Throne of Glass is on the top of my list as well !

19th May, 20

yayyy I think it would be really cool to see adapted !!

19th May, 20

Omg yesssssssssssssssss.
Akarnae as a tv series !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But only if it followed like an exact same storyline as the book.
For the other series I haven't completely read all of them, but I've heard most of them are great and I've read stuff by the authors too. Love this :):):):)

19th May, 20

thanks :) omg I would love to see Akarnae as a tv show and I agree it would have to stick to storyline.

19th May, 20

I completely agree, they would HAVE to stick to the storyline. but i absolutely want to see this as a movie or tv show!

18th Aug, 20

I totally I agree with you!

30th Aug, 20